Aims and Objectives of the
Adnyamathanha Women's Choir

We are an indigenous Women's choir comprising twenty members. Our ages range from early thirties to mid seventies.

The Adnyamathanha Women's Choir was first formed in 1996 in order to perform in the Opera in the Outback in 1997.

The Adnyamathanha people are a mix of several distinct but related groups. The name Adnyamathanha is a collective term now used by the groups and literally means hills people Adnya - 'stone, rock' matha - 'group/mob' nha.

Since 1996 we have maintained and developed the choir. Our main focus is to preserve, restore and maintain our Language and culture in today's society to the best of our ability. We also aim to recruit additional members, to ensure continuity and maintain community interest in our choir

Our music is essential to our culture and well-being. Traditionally in Adnyamathanha culture music has been used to celebrate and welcome.

By sharing our culture we are assisting in maintaining it. Public exposure will prevent further loss and keep the Adyamathanha culture alive. By being actively involved, we will stimulate additional interest and growth.

The combination of skills and knowledge both cultural and professional within the choir will assist us in reaching our full potential.

Apart from our singing ability we possess a range of cultural skills and knowledge, which are priceless due to the fact that we have been able to maintain and keep them alive right up to this point in the new millennium.

It is our aim to utilize the skills and knowledge of each individual within the choir, to allow each member to assist the Choir in reaching their full potential.